KIRAN: New court filings into Dennis & Cynthia Perkins reveal alleged pattern with child sex abuse

Updated: Apr. 20, 2020 at 5:46 PM CDT
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LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) - The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office has filed disturbing new documents that outline their alleged evidence against former high-ranking Livingston parish sheriff’s deputy Dennis Perkins and his former school-teacher wife, Cynthia.

The complete filing, embedded as a PDF file below, contains extremely graphic descriptions of the alleged crimes.

+ READ the complete filing here

The new court filing includes a job application from 1998 to the Baton Rouge Police Department where Dennis allegedly admitted to several crimes including prostitution, sex with a minor and drug use. The BRPD hiring board at that time voted unanimously not to hire Dennis. He was a reserve deputy with LPSO when he applied for that job.

The new filing, known as a 404(B), was filed Monday, April 20th with the Livingston Parish Clerk of Court.

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Dennis and Cynthia Perkins have been indicted on 150 felonies, some of which involve sex acts against two juveniles under the age of 13, “two non-consenting adults, various unsuspecting victims by means of ingesting harmful substances and an animal,” according to court filings.

Dennis was a high-ranking Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Deputy. He was fired the same day he was arrested in October 2019. Cynthia was a school teacher in Livingston Parish and eventually quit her job.

The latest court filing paints a picture of Cynthia allegedly helping her husband as the two played out their alleged sexual fantasies.

After the Perkins were arrested, investigators searched their home in Denham Springs.

Prosecutors say that a review of electronic devices they found include several child pornography pictures. Because of that, original charges on the husband and wife were amended to include 60 additional charges. According to the filing, in those 60 pictures, Cynthia Perkins is seen moving a sleeping child’s clothes to expose the child’s privates as well as having sex with her husband with the child asleep directly next to them or on top of the child. The pictures also showed Dennis and Cynthia allegedly forcing a female child to perform oral sex on him," investigators said.


Also in the search of their home, investigators found “over five terabytes of encrypted data backed up to and from various electronic devices owned or used by the couple.

The filed document attempts to prove other crimes, wrongs and bad acts by the couple. Here is a summary of new allegations outline in the new court filings:

  • Role-playing with both Dennis and Cynthia taking part and acting out a fantasy of having sex with a child
  • A note found on Cynthia’s cell phone detailing a sex act that an adult male and female would do, or did, with a child under the age of 13.
  • Allegations of domestic abuse by Cynthia Perkins upon a child: the filing details that a child told investigators Cynthia Perkins pulled a child “by her hair into a bathroom, slammed her head against the wall, and threw her to the ground.” It went on to say she “then began hitting and slapping her.”
  • Hundreds of sexual keywords and search terms Dennis Perkins allegedly entered into search engines such as Google, many included sexual acts involving children
  • Photoshopped images of children in sexually suggestive positions with Dennis Perkins --- Investigators claim Cynthia Perkins took pictures of children acting in normal, everyday activities and then sent them to her husband. Dennis then allegedly photoshopped the children’s pictures with his private parts superimposed onto them in various positions.
  • Evidence of a “spy watch” left in a bathroom to record when a child would take a shower
  • A video of a naked child in a bathroom that was allegedly found on an external hard drive in his office at the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Three videos allegedly showing Dennis masturbating and a child either asleep or forced to take commands by Dennis
  • A video from 2012 while Dennis was on duty as a patrol officer making a traffic stop: Investigators claim Perkins recorded an adult woman without her knowledge with a pin camera. The filing details how Dennis allegedly moved the camera around to shoot down her shirt and under her shorts.
  • Six videos from late 2018 titled “The Mile High Club” to attempt to prove his interest in filming and/or photographing his sexual activities. In those videos, Cynthia is allegedly seen performing oral sex on Dennis “on a public airplane among unsuspecting passengers seen in the background.”
  • Several medications whose side effects are drowsiness, sleepiness, muscle relaxation and/or pain relief. Investigators added that they found text messages between Cynthia and Dennis discussing a scenario where an intoxicant was placed in the drink for an adult female.
  • Statements from a female adult victim alleging Cynthia’s alleged role in her rape and possible drugging

The Attorney General’s filing aims to show “a pattern of conduct, system or plan, as well as motive, intent to commit all of the crimes for which Dennis & Cynthia Perkins were indicted.”

James Spokes, an attorney representing Cynthia Perkins issued the following statement to WAFB.

“As to these 404(b) allegations against Dennis, we believe they represent a long history of predatory and controlling behavior toward victims. With respect to the few allegations that refer to Cynthia, they are taken out of context and are unfairly prejudicial, misleading and will be confusing to a jury. We are challenging the admissibility of this evidence and there will be a hearing on this,” Spokes said.

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