COVID-19 survivor shares his story after spending 24 days hospitalized

COVID-19 survivor shares his story after spending 24 days hospitalized
Metairie man shares his story with COVID-19 after spending 24 days in the hospital. (Source: Lloyd Nash)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Lloyd Nash wasn’t sure he was going to make it.

“I was very scared I was going to lose my fight,” Nash said.

He says he’s a healthy 45-year-old with no underlying conditions. But, when he developed a 103 fever and was diagnosed with a sinus infection, he quickly realized it wasn’t like any sinus infection he had in the past. He says he also developed a cough and couldn’t get out of bed.

“People describe this as the flu, this is nothing like the flu,” he said.

He went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital. He spent 24 days there battling COVID-19.

“My lungs were a big issue. I had to be weaned off of oxygen,” he said. “I didn’t have an inkling of a clue that I would catch it, but here I am. I had it; not 100%, but, I’m working my way to being a 100 percent.”

Nash says he didn’t have to be on a ventilator. He told us what he believes got him through.

“Faith, faith, a lot of love all over, California, Tennessee, Mississippi, various places, my family, being able to talk to them on Facetime every day,” Nash said. “Positive thoughts, keep all the negativity away, put God first, hold on to his hand and don’t let go.”

He says he’s just thankful he managed to survive.

“Very grateful, I’ve got a lot of work to do,” Nash said. “It took 24 days, but, I am home and I’m blessed.”

Nash, who is from Metairie, says he still has to quarantine at home for 14 days.

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