#StandForLocal: Helping to keep the local economy strong

WAFB launches new partnership with area businesses to boost economy amid coronavirus pandemic

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The “stay at home” order was issued to help keep people healthy and safe. But fear of what the pandemic is doing to our local economy cannot be ignored. That’s why WAFB launched #StandForLocal.

We’ve partnered with local businesses to build a comprehensive directory for you, the consumer, because we know you want to help out and stay safe in the process.

“Our local businesses play a vital role in our local economy,” said WAFB General Manager Joe Sciortino. “They employ our friends and our neighbors and provide many of the products and services we treasure. This crisis has been unbelievably hard on them and we want to help in any way we can."

For businesses, we’ve made it easy for you to be included. All you have to do is register. The best thing is that it’s free.

At WAFB, we are more than just your news provider, we’re part of this community, so we want to make sure we make it through this difficult time together.

“We WILL get through this together,” Sciortino said. "Help us support those who have served us so well over the years.”

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