Some still celebrating Easter tradition while coping with isolation

Some still planning crawfish boils for Easter weekend

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Many crawfish lovers in south Louisiana are looking to the seasonal delight as a reminder of the good times, especially for Easter.

“On Easter weekend, if you don’t have crawfish, then something’s missing. It makes my family happy and everybody gets together,” said one Baton Rouge resident.

“With everything that’s going on right now, I feel like it brings some sense of normalcy back to people,” said Eric Searcy.

Searcy owns LA Lobster in Port Allen. He says vendors are working hard to make sure boiled and live crawfish stay stocked for families.

However, this family tradition has expanded for some.

“We are having Easter the best that we can and doing the best thing we know how to do: boil crawfish here in south Louisiana,” Nick Rauber.

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Rauber says he enjoys buying live crawfish to boil for his neighbors.

“I’ve got an elderly neighbor who loves crawfish, so I boil crawfish and I called her up and let her know and we give her five pounds and put it on the hood of her car and she picks it up,” said Rauber.

Rauber says for him, crawfish is more than just how many pounds you can eat, but it’s about how many lives a person can touch.

“We get to eat crawfish and then have plenty enough to give to the other people around and down the street. It’s just part of what this is. We have to come together as a community and I think if everybody does just a little bit like that, we will all make it through okay,” Rauber said.

It’s a Louisiana tradition filled with love, which is what Easter is all about.

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