FranU nursing school seniors to graduate early to help combat COVID-19

37 FranU nursing students to graduate early to help fight coronavirus

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Almost 40 seniors will graduate from nursing school a month early to enter the workforce to help support the health care needs of the state and nation.

Schools of nursing were asked by the Governor’s Office, LAICU, and LSDN to consider graduating senior nursing students early to increase the number of nurses who can care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University School of Nursing will graduate 37 seniors on April 27.

"When we spoke with the senior nursing students, they seemed very excited to be able to graduate early. They did not voice any concerns and I have no concerns with them graduating early either," said School of Nursing Dean Dr. Amy Hall.

“We need as many hands on deck as possible. Of course, this is not quite how we expected our very last semester to go but I know that whatever we walk into, we are well prepared to face it head-on," says Madelyn Stunts, class of 2020. "I am both scared and excited to enter the field of nursing in such an uncertain time, but then again that’s kind of the beauty of nursing."

"We will get the amazing opportunity to help our community when they need us most.”

“I am thrilled to be completing my degree early and cannot wait to put my education into practice. Starting our nursing careers during a global pandemic is an experience we will never forget," senior Aimee Cangelosi said. "We have so much to learn and I am excited for the opportunity to get out there a little earlier than I had originally planned.”

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