Teacher learns new tricks to help keep kids active during coronavirus

Teacher learns new tricks to help keep kids active during coronavirus
Coach Patrick Foy is creating fun and educational YouTube content for kids. (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all learning new things, even our teachers.

Before the crisis began, Patrick Foy was happily teaching elementary students' physical education at a school in Baton Rouge. He, like the rest of the parish, was sent home to wait.

“When my school was shut down due to the coronavirus, I wanted to find a way to stay connected with my students and keep them active,” he said. “I decided to start making fun exercise videos for them to do while online at home.”

Foy has been a teacher for 13 years and before that, he was a personal trainer for four years.

“I love exercising,” he said. “My students and I have a great relationship in which we do a lot skills, learn sports, work on our fitness but at the same time it’s fun and I use a lot of humor throughout the class.”

Keep that relationship going is what led him to discovering new ways of reaching out to his students.

“When we were told that school would be closing, I saw how classroom teachers were trying to figure out how to best teach/stay connected with their students,” he said. “They were sharing lessons, resources, and having online meetings with their students. That got me thinking as a PE teacher what could I do?”

Thus “Feeling Fit with Coach Foy” became a thing.

“My wife, Laura, is a school librarian in Denham Springs and is awesome at making videos and editing with graphics, so she really helped me put it together as well.”

All the exercises require little to no equipment and parents will enjoy participating, too.

“I also wanted to throw in some random humor for parents to enjoy,” he said. “I thought it’d be fun to bring special guests, whether it be a teacher, the principal, or even an Elsa doll.

Staying active when life gets stressful is a great lesson for kids right now, but it’s really a lesson we can all stand to learn.

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