LDWF: Hunting and fishing are still perfectly legal during COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Apr. 1, 2020 at 1:14 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Officials with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) want to assure Louisiana residents they can still hunt and fish during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LDWF responded April 1 to several false articles and statements circulating on social media falsely claiming there would be increased fishing fines and supposed forced closure of hunting and fishing season because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“None of it is true,” LDWF Press Secretary Ed Pratt said.


“It is incredibly unfortunate that some individuals would go out of their way to spread false information with the intent of creating confusion for the wonderful people of Louisiana,” said LDWF Secretary Jack Montoucet. “At a time when we are pulling together to deal with a deadly health crisis, there are some who find such actions amusing.”

LDWF officials support the recent comments made by Governor John Bel Edwards encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors during the pandemic.

“Go outside and to stay active during this time, as long as they practice social distancing when they are around their neighbors,” Gov. Edwards said during a recent press conference about the pandemic.

LDWF officials say families can still spend time outdoors together doing activities such as biking, hiking, hunting, and fishing as long as they practice social distancing and other advisements issued by Gov. Edwards and state health officials.


“It is essential to remember that people should not gather in groups of more than 10, that you practice social distancing – stay at least six feet apart - and that you strictly follow the state and local orders related to the pandemic,” Pratt said.

Currently, you can hunt feral hogs, coyotes, and armadillos in Louisiana.

Hunting season for turkey starts on April 4 and squirrel hunting season starts on May 2.

You can still hunt and fish as long as you have a valid fishing or hunting license and must follow all of Louisiana’s fish and game regulations.

While all LDWF offices are closed to the public during the pandemic, hunting and fishing licenses can be bought or renewed online by clicking here.


Pratt says all valid information about the actions LDWF is taking during the COVID-19 pandemic will be posted on its website at or our Facebook page at Please verify the accuracy of any information at these sites before sharing it on social media.

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