Cleaning tips to help disinfect the home during quarantine

How to disinfect your home during the coronavirus quarantine

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A cleaning routine is an important step to keep coronavirus germs out of your home. Cleaning services like Two Maids and a Mop help make that happen.

“We want to help stop the spread of coronavirus,” said Lauryn Johnson, the operations manager of Two Maids Baton Rouge. “So we are doing our part by making sure everybody has a sanitized place to go to work.”

Lately, Two Maids has been cleaning work spaces for essential businesses so employees have a safe place to work. However, Johnson knows a clean house is just as important, so she is offering up some tips for how to disinfect the house safely during quarantine.

“Pay attention to those heavily touched surfaces,” said Johnson.

Those surfaces could be TV remotes, doorknobs, light switches, or cell phones. She recommends you first spray and wipe them down to remove dirt and debris. One wipe down isn’t enough though.

“Clean them multiple times a day if you can,” said Johnson.

Then, follow up with a sanitizer or disinfectant, like Lysol spray or wipes. It’s important to read the directions on your cleaning products. You need to give your sprays the proper time to work.

“Take your disinfectant and lightly mist that over it. And we’re going to let that sit for ten minutes to let that kill any germs or bacteria on it,” Johnson demonstrated on a doorknob.

If you can’t find disinfecting wipes or sprays at the store, then properly portioned bleach and water in a spray bottle works just as well. Be careful when you mix your own cleaning solutions at home though.

“You want to be sure you’re using half a cup of bleach for every gallon of water,” said Johnson. “Make sure you don’t mix bleach or ammonia because that can cause toxic gases.”

Toxic gases are not a safe way to fight off coronavirus germs. As a reference, the Baton Rouge Fire Department recently posted a cheat sheet on Facebook of common household products to not mix.

COVID-19 preventative measures
COVID-19 preventative measures (Source: BRFD)

Johnson also adds you should pay attention to when you wipe down surfaces. For example, your little one can play with his or her cleaned toys after the cleaning solution completely dries.

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