YMCA holding daycare camps for medical professionals’ children

YMCA camps prove vital in coronavirus fight

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - While its doors are shut to the public, the Baton Rouge YMCA is hosting a childcare camp for children whose parents are in especially high demand while the state grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.

Children belonging to medical professionals and first responders will be allowed inside YMCA facilities across the country to be taken care of while their parents care for their communities.

“We knew the emphasis needed to be on making sure that our hospital personnel and emergency responders could get to work,” Baton Rouge YMCA head, Christian Engle, said. “Their stress level needs to be as low as we can get it.”

In Baton Rouge, camp counselors are leading the children in activities that involve social distancing. Children may also use the facilities’ computers to do homework and study while their schools are closed.

The children take breaks, at least every half-hour, to wash their hands. The facilities’ equipment and surfaces are sanitized frequently to ensure no one at the YMCA gets sick. Counselors take the temperatures of everyone who enters the building.

“They aren’t just cooped up at home, but they get a chance to get out and do something,” Engle said. “Especially knowing that their parents are out doing something that could make them nervous.”

Medical professionals should call their local YMCAs to register their children.

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