'We’ll get through this together’: 4-yr-old twins want to give people hope

Twins create feel-good yard signs

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Some south Louisiana twins are on a mission to spread cheer instead of fear during this outbreak.

Life is tough when you’re charged with making folks feel good. No, that’s not what four-year-old twins Lillie Grace and Fletcher DeCuir have to do while school is out but they are doing it anyway.

The twins spent most of the day Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24 drawing. Lillie Grace very carefully drew and colored a rocket.

“It’s a toy,” she said.

However, their mission is very real.

“We found all the art supplies around our house and just got to work,” said Ellen DeCuir, the twins’ mother.

She is a school counselor at Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School. DeCuir and her twins decided it was time to lift a few spirits. So, they refurbished campaign signs and used them to spread some hope.

“We drew on them and painted them," said Lillie Grace DeCuir.

DeCuir said they were looking to spread cheer to people walking or driving by.

“I drew a choo-choo,” Fletcher added. “And a monster truck.”

Mom helped.

“Yeah, she wrote the words,” said Lillie Grace.

The signs that now sit in their front yard read, ‘Hope is never canceled’ and ‘We’ll get through this together.' The children’s artwork surrounds those uplifting messages.

“This was the perfect way to yes, keep them busy, get them practicing with artwork and their creative ideas. Also, just to have some way that we, just in our little house, can bring joy to others,” DeCuir explained.

Their philanthropy continued into Friday, March 27, at least as long as the artists didn’t get distracted. Their mom said the twins had hoped workers would see their good deed and that would make them think.

“That we’re kind and loving,” Fletcher said.

Don’t confuse playtime for lack of learning because the school hasn’t stopped for them. Lillie Grace demonstrated by mixing colors.

"They are so resilient. They’re waking up, ‘Mommy, what are we doing today?’” Ellen DeCuir noted.

You might say they have become the teacher because if you pass by these signs with positive words, hand-drawn angels, and monster trucks, they might change the way you think about life and the people around you.

DeCuir said if they can get a few more signs, they will keep drawing, coloring, and making people smile.

“I really hope that they can feel a sense of hope and they feel like we’re all in this together. We’re all going to get through this together,” the mother stated.

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