EBRSO sets up hotline for concerned family members, loved ones of inmates

EBRSO sets up hotline for concerned family members, loved ones of inmates
East Baton Rouge Parish Prison (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Many people are concerned about their family members or loved ones who may be incarcerated, and given the current coronavirus pandemic, that concern has only increased.

A spokesperson with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office says according to the warden and medical staff at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, no one has shown symptoms of COVID-19 in order to warrant testing.

The spokesperson also says the East Baton Rouge Office of the Public Defender has set up a hotline for concerned family members to call. Inmates are being given free phone calls to family and legal counsel.


  • Parish prison population is currently down 44% from 2013 (lowest in the past 10 years currently)
  • EBR district attorney and judges have been working to release non-violent offenders
  • As of March 25, no inmate has exhibited symptoms that warranted testing, though deputies are trained specifically to identify and get them medical assistance ASAP
  • In addition to extra sanitation procedures, inmates are being provided additional cleaning products, instructional videos (in Spanish and English) on cleaning and hygiene procedures, and being provided with extra soap for hand washing
  • The warden has waived all medical fees and prescription fees for inmates
  • All inmates are given extra yard time outside every day
  • All inmates are provided with extra free phone calls, and all phone calls to their legal counsel are currently free
  • There are extra screening procedures at the prison, including every person, including employees, having their temperature taken
  • In the event any inmate exhibits symptoms, special isolation areas are setup and prepared

Concerned family members should call 225-389-3150, ext. 159 or email admin@opdbr.org.

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