Distance yourself from coronavirus scams with an online tool from the BBB

(CNN) - Scammers aren’t social distancing themselves from crime during this global pandemic, but there’s a tool to help keep you from being a victim.

The worst times can bring out the worst in people.

The Better Business Bureau now has a way for you to submit and track scams online.

Go to bbb.org/scamtracker. On the left of the screen, where it says “search for scams,” go to the “scam type” section and click on “COVID19.”

There are at least 25 scams in multiple states and Canada reported on the site already.

Many victims say they paid for face masks online, never got them and could no longer contact the seller. One victim says they lost $400 because of that scam.

Others say they paid for but never received disinfectant wipes.

Scammers are reportedly also trying to get personal information for fictitious things like coronavirus disability or offers for COVID-19 compensation.

Anyone who has come across a scam can report it on this website, which will allow the better business bureau to investigate it and make others who visit the site more aware.

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