Georgia Pacific in Zachary working 'round the clock to keep up with toilet paper demand

Georgia Pacific in Zachary working overtime to keep up with demand for toilet paper

ZACHARY, La. (WAFB) - Seven days per week, three shifts per day, around-the-clock workers have one priority at the Georgia Pacific paper mill in Zachary: keeping up with the run on toilet paper caused by the coronavirus.

“We try to make as much as we can right now,” said Patty Prats, senior communications manager at Georgia Pacific.

The paper mill off Highway 61 produces both Brawny paper towels and Quilted Northern toilet paper. Since the run on toilet paper, the mill has stepped up production on the toilet paper side by 120% just to keep up with demand.

"We have never seen this kind of run on toilet paper," Prats said.

Behind the plant, trailers line a parking lot waiting to be loaded, which is not very long. As soon as the packages roll off the line, they’re whisked away and placed on the trailers. The trucks then make their journey across the country to restock the shelves.

All in all, it takes just a few hours for the toilet paper to process through the mill. Prats says with that in mind and the fact production has been upped, people at home should not panic-buy when they are at the store, but leave some for others as well.

“It’s out there, you know,” she said. “What we ask is you take what you need and leave some for some other people.”

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