Baton Rouge-based baseball bat maker Marucci Sports sold for $200M

Marucci Sports sells for $200M

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Marucci Sports, a popular Baton Rouge-based baseball and softball company, has been acquired by the Connecticut-based company Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI).

Compass announced March 9 it bought Marucci Sports for $200 million.

“We are pleased to add Marucci Sports to our portfolio of niche market leading brands,” said Elias Sabo, CEO of Compass Group Diversified Holdings LLC. “With an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and focus on addressing players’ evolving needs, Marucci has firmly established itself as a leader in baseball equipment, and we are confident that together we will further expand Marucci’s best-in-class product portfolio, penetrate new markets, and increase the brand’s presence internationally.”

Marucci is known for manufacturing baseball bats but also makes other baseball and softball products including gloves, bags, and protective gear. Marucci products are used by players in Major League Baseball (MLB) and NCAA.

Marucci Sports was founded in Baton Rouge in 2009 by two former MLB players and an assistant White House Press Secretary.

CEO and co-founder Kurt Ainsworth will continue to lead Marucci at its Baton Rouge headquarters.

“When we launched Marucci Sports, our goal was to offer all players, regardless of age or level, big-league quality products that they wanted and needed to be successful,” said Kurt Ainsworth, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Marucci. “This partnership with CODI represents the beginning of a long-term relationship that recognizes the tremendous efforts and hard work of the Marucci team and demonstrates the high growth potential of our impressive suite of products. We look forward to working with Elias and the CODI team as we leverage their substantial expertise in the branded consumer products space and permanent capital base to achieve our shared objectives.”

Adam Knapp, CEO of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, says the sale of Marucci Sports is both good for the company and Baton Rouge.

“We are excited for Marucci’s news today. From our initial analysis, the impact for Baton Rouge is positive. The company will keep Marucci’s headquarters in Baton Rouge, and the purchase by Compass will fuel its continued expansion. This exit event is one of the larger recent transactions for a Baton Rouge startup, and shines a light on the entrepreneurial community. Marucci is a strong brand with deep ties to the community, and symbolically represents the strength of Baton Rouge’s sports scene. We congratulate Kurt Ainsworth and the whole team for their success,” Knapp said.

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