Principal says student disciplined for alleged bullying at Woodlawn High School

Principal says student has been disciplined after bullying video surfaced on social media

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The principal of Woodlawn High School says disciplinary action has been taken after a video of an alleged bullying incident was shared on social media.

The video, posted to Instagram and Facebook Thursday, March 5, shows a student being hit in the face and shoved by another student in one of the school’s bathrooms.

Woodlawn High School Principal Scott Stevens says the student in the video responsible for the alleged bullying has been disciplined. Steven says school officials took immediate action upon seeing the video.

“At no point is bullying okay, nor are we going to tolerate it. If something like this does happen, we need to know about so we can act on it,” Stevens said.

Stevens says I CARE specialists are training teachers on-site to help them learn how to identify signs of bullying. He says they’re also educating students on how to handle situations involving bullying.

East Baton Rouge School Board member, Dadrius Lanus, says bullying goes beyond any one school. He believes it will take the entire community to address the issue.

“I think we have to push towards more creating a parent task force where we allow them to come inside our school system and be that community liaison that we need. Bullying does not just start inside of our school, bullying takes place outside of the schools. It takes place in our community. It takes place inside of our homes. Until we address those things, it’s going to be hard trying to fix these types of issues, which is why everybody has to have a seat at the table so we can voice our concerns,” said Lanus.

A representative with the school system confirmed the alleged bully has been disciplined, but she says they cannot release any more details about the incident. The principal says they’re working with the victim and the parents about how to move forward.

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