List of charities accepting donations to help Tennessee tornado victims

Baton Rouge area organizations raising money for Tenn. tornado victims

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WAFB) - At least 24 people were killed and more than 200 hundred were injured after tornadoes tore through parts of Middle Tennessee on March 3.

According to Nashville TV station WKRN, several national charities are currently accepting monetary donations online to help victims of the tornado.

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If there’s one thing Louisianians know how to do when disaster strikes, it’s give back. A number of Baton Rouge area organizations are doing just that for our friends in Tennessee after an EF-3 tornado barreled across Nashville and nearby counties early Tuesday morning.

The storms left at least 24 people dead and dozens missing.

Those scenes of destruction hit close to home for many in Louisiana.

“We’ve been in trouble before too and we’ve had a lot of people help us when we need it,” said Jerry and Jill Saia, owners of Jack’s Place in Port Allen.

The Saias’ youngest son, Jared, lives in Nashville and is helping in the relief. Now, both Jerry and Jill are looking to help as well.

“We have a running club every Thursday night and we always try to feed them, so we decided tonight we would feed them and charge them a little money, and whatever profit we make will go to the relief efforts in Nashville,” said Jill.

“So many people helped us in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas during the flood of 2016 and we just want to give back,” said Michelle Forte, one of the founders of the Baton Rouge Emergency Aid Coalition (BREAC).

BREAC is a group of women that started their organization after the 2016 flood. They’re also raising funds for the tornado victims. Click here to donate.

“One of our founders has a family member that owns a medical clinic in Cookville, where the tornado landed, so we are using them to aid them with supplies for family members that are patients of their clinic,” said Forte.

While these folks have good intentions in mind, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns that scammers are always looking to profit off of tragedies like this.

“If you give and the money doesn’t go to the cause, you’ve defeated the purpose of giving and the needy are still there,” said Carmen Million with the BBB.

Million says you should make sure the organization you’re giving to has direct contact with someone on the ground after a disaster. Never donate cash.

“You want to make sure, again, that it’s people you’re giving a donation to or that the organization you’re working with is established and they know where the money is going, they already have a plan in place. In that, they know the money is actually going to go to the victims and not somewhere else,” said Million.

The BBB is offering up some other tips for donating after a disaster. Read them here.

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