ACTION JACKSON: Drivers concerned after multiple wrecks at Siegen Lane intersection

Residents on Siegen worry about dangerous stretch of road

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Residents who frequently drive on Siegen Lane tell WAFB’s Donovan Jackson they’re concerned about their safety after multiple wrecks at one intersection of the state highway.

Steven Taylor witnessed a car crash near the intersection of Siegen Lane and Old Siegen Lane on Feb. 25.

“I came out here to grab my wife because she was sitting out here in the car and everybody in the apartment complex came running out because there was smoke everywhere,” Taylor told WAFB.

The wreck was captured on surveillance cameras at the nearby Siegen Calais apartment complex.

Residents who drive in the area tell WAFB accidents like the one Taylor witnessed are becoming alarmingly common.

“There is no device or signal to tell drivers which way to go or who gets to go first,” one driver said.

“I think that should put a light up,” another driver told Donovan Jackson.

Rodney Mallet, of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, says the frequency of car crashes per year at the intersection is not enough for the state to install a traffic light.

“Traffic signals are not always the right answer. In fact, [we] don’t put them where they are warranted, [because] you can see a large number of crashes,” Mallet said.

Mallet tells WAFB’s Donovan Jackson DOTD will other traffic options, but urges people driving on Siegen Lane to pay attention and obey traffic commands.

A spokesperson with the mayor’s office says the city-parish is currently doing a traffic study at the intersection to determine if a signal would be beneficial and safe. Federal guidelines will determine if they install a signal. Although this section of roadway is currently a state highway under DOTD’s jurisdiction, it’s part of the Road Transfer Program.

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