Introducing Our Class

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - We’ve had a secret project going on behind the scenes here at WAFB. It has involved our whole station and it’s a project we hope catches on.

As a team, WAFB got together and adopted a 2nd grade class at Highland Elementary School.

We’ve been excited about the chance to introduce them to you. This group of students has terrific chemistry with bright ideas and even brighter futures.

“It’s very, very humbling to me because these are my students because I have taught here a couple of years and I taught the lower grades. I’ve actually got some of them before, but to have strangers come in who don’t know them and to really enjoy that your staff coming in and just taking like a true, genuine, enthusiastic interest in a kid and in us and asking like, ‘What do you need?’ and then remembering their names and asking a follow up question when they come back in and returning saying what a good time they had here,” Mary Ivey, the class’s teacher, said.

All year long, we have taken these children under our wing by giving them support and encouragement. From the supplies that their teachers told us they needed to experiences so many of us were blessed to have when we were their age.

Our Class

“It is not a common occurrence for people they see on TV to be up close and personal with the news station that they may see TV things from directly impacting the place they learn and the place that they come to... so I think the camaraderie they’re having with this company and with at the station I think it is great for them,” Highland Elementary School Principal Justin Robicheaux said.

“And that’s really cool because they interface with me a lot, but the more people you bring in... and especially people with rich life experiences and really cool jobs, it just brings in things that I probably would not have thought to bring up,” Ivey said.

We have plenty of things planned for our class throughout the school year. We have several goals here. First and foremost, of course, is to enlighten these children and support their teachers in every way possible, and to create experiences and bonds.

But also, we’re hoping this idea catches on and that other groups and companies will reach out and adopt classes in the Baton Rouge area.

“Taking that kind of an interest and showing that kind of enthusiasm and giving such positive feedback to our students and to our school has just been just really, really, it’s been a great experience,” Ivey said.

This isn’t the last time you’ll see Our Class. We’ll keep you updated throughout the year. We know that with everybody on the same team, this will certainly not be the last you see of Our Class moving forward well beyond this year.

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