Mid City Gras makes big splash for parade-goers.

Parade-goers enjoy tons of fun a Mid City Gras parade

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Mid City Gras parade has become a hit for residents living near the route.

“It’s really nice, laid back, an easy walk from the house,” said Thomas Tortorich.

The parade was launched in 2018. It travels along North Street, beginning near I-10 and ending at Baton Rouge Community College.

The theme was “2020 Leagues under the sea.”

“It’s very cool to see the camaraderie with the neighborhood and everybody coming together and just having a wonderful time,” said Brandon Adams.

Others said there’s a lot more to the parade than just fun and entertainment.

“Seeing what the signs say about everything that’s going on in this world in a good light is really nice to see. One of the signs on one of the kid’s school [float] said hope and I think that brought it home to what we see here in Baton Rouge,” said Tortorich.

Parade-goers said the Mid City Gras parade is only getting bigger and better and they can’t wait for next year’s celebration.

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