30th year for Attic, Trash, and Treasure sale to donate proceeds to non-profits

LOPA hosts Trash and Treasure sale

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The new year marks the 30th that the Attic, Trash and Treasure sale has attracted hundreds.

For weeks now, dozens of volunteers have been stepping up and donating their time to this amazing cause that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for several non-profits around Baton Rouge.

This year, the AT&T sale, as it’s called, will donate to 9 different charities with 50% of all the proceeds going to St. Vincent De Paul.

The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) is a tier-2 recipient and expected to receive the next big chunk, but the percentage has yet to be determined.

It was in 1980 that Ruthie Kean came up with the idea of starting a garage sale to raise money for Polio at that time. In the next two years, they continued receiving donations and kept the annual sale going and gave the proceeds to the organization.

By the event’s fourth year in 1984, Kean started the Inner Wheels of Baton Rouge, which are the wives of Rotarians.

Since then, they’re coming up on nearly $3 million worth of donations they have given to numerous non-profit organizations.

“It makes us feel really good. It really does. We love our charities,” said Kean.

“Everybody’s trash is somebody’s treasure,” said Chris Jackson, president of BR Inner Wheels.

Inner Wheels spends pretty much the entire year collecting donations from anyone and everyone. Many people donate their old clothes, shoes, chinaware and anything else you can think of.

Since January, volunteers have been sorting out all the donations and departmentalizing them. They’re then cleaned and organized for when the sale happens in March.

“We did it because it was so much fun. We love our new friendships with all the workers and just how much fun we have doing it,” said Kean.

Every volunteer will tell you they do it because it is so much fun with their friends.

Amid all the fun, they’re helping countless charities and people through those charities.

This year’s sale begins on March 6 and ends March 8.

It will be hosted at the former location of the Royal Furniture at 500 North 19th St.

Anyone wishing to still donate can do so. You just need to go drop off your donations at their current site.

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