New restaurant hopes to continue tradition, bring crawfish back to Highland Road

Crawfish returning to Highland Road at old Sammy's Grill location

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A brand new restaurant is set to open up shop just more than a month after Sammy’s Grill closed its doors at the Highland Road location.

Long-time Baton Rouge restauranteur, Wayne Stabiler confirmed the news to WAFB’s Scottie Hunter. Stabiler says they plan to open within the next few weeks and plan to roll out a similar menu to what customers have grown to love from the previous operation but he’s not yet ready to reveal too many specifics.

“We will probably let that out the bag here in the next week. We are going to offer crawfish and really keep it like it’s been over the last 30 years,” Stabiler said.

Stabiler says he jumped at the chance to bring crawfish back to a spot where it has been for several years.

“It’s been there forever. I used to go in there and eat crawfish and it’s just the place I’d go when I wasn’t going to one of my places,” said Stabiler. “We are just excited about this opportunity and I look forward to opening a nice place for the locals to go.”

The new owner says the restaurant will be very similar to what customers have come to expect from the Highland Road location but the venture has nothing to do with the previous tenant or Sammy’s Grill.

“I’ve watched it here over the last few months and the right opportunity came and we made the move and just hope it works out in everybody’s best interest,” he added.

Stabiler already operates a handful of other local restaurants including the Little Village, Stab’s Steak & Seafood in Central, Palermo Ristorante and Stab’s Prime Steak and Seafood.

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