WATCH: Bear spotted in tree outside home in Nevada neighborhood

Bear spotted in tree outside home in Nevada neighborhood

RENO, Nev. (KOLO/Gray News) - A young bear spotted in a Nevada neighborhood caught the attention of people living nearby.

Cellphone video captured Monday shows the bear climbing down the tree and even bouncing in the branches off Silver Shores Drive in Reno.

“I was pretty scared, but it was just a small bear, and it was climbing here on these branches up here,” Mason Baker, an 11-year-old boy who lives in the neighborhood, said.

Some were concerned the bear could post a danger to the public.

"I was very nervous just because there's a school a quarter-mile away that my kids go to, and I know the streets are packed with kids getting out of school, so that was my first concern that kids would be oblivious and not even notice there's a bear," Michael Walker said.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife said it is aware of the bear, and crews have attempted to capture it. They are asking anyone in the area who sees the bear to contact the agency.

Wildlife officials are also reminding neighbors to secure their trash.

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