History made in north Baton Rouge with inaugural Krewe of Oshun parade

Baton Rouge celebrates first Oshun Parade; Port Allen Black History Parade draws crowds

History was made Saturday, Feb. 8 in north Baton Rouge with the first Mardi Gras parade for the Krewe of Oshun.

Thousands of people came out to enjoy the parade, and they're just excited for a parade to finally be rolling through their neck of the woods.

From the bands, to the elaborate floats, it was a monumental day in Scotlandville.

"This is the first one, first Mardi Gras parade in this community," said Penelope Foster.

The theme of the parade was ‘Wakanda Now: Celebration, Prosperity, and Expansion.’

“It’s something that the kids can come out and have fun, and my nephew, my great-nephew to come out and enjoy something in north Baton Rouge,” said Sheila Bradley.

Many people loved that the parade brought the community together.

“The people in the community get a chance to experience this, and it is just so phenomenal that so many people participated,” said Delores Gordan.

"First one we've had in a long, long time. I probably wasn't even born when they had the first one, but it turned out nice. It was wonderful, especially for these kids, it was something they could see," said Terrence Dunn.

Charece Johnese is from Baton Rouge but lives now in Houston.

She came back to the capital city this weekend just for the parade.

“Because this is history. I’m originally from Baton Rouge and I wanted my son to witness history in Baton Rouge. This is a very big moment in time,” said Johnese.

And everyone is just hopeful the Krewe of Oshun rolls again through north Baton Rouge for many years to come.

“This is history being made here today on February 8, 2020, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Down here in north Baton Rouge it is,” said Johnese.

"We are so so happy that this type of event is happening, and we look forward to many more in the future," said Jordan.

After the parade, there was a festival with games, activities, food, music, and a battle of the bands from area high schools.

The parade and festival theme is "Wakanda NOW: Celebration, Prosperity, and Expansion"
The parade and festival theme is "Wakanda NOW: Celebration, Prosperity, and Expansion" (Source: Krewe of Oshun)

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