14-year-old allegedly receives random texts from older man: ‘Can you sneak me inside of the house?’

14-year-old allegedly receives random texts from older man: ‘Can you sneak me inside of the house?’
A person claiming to be a 23-year-old man named Jay allegedly texted a 14-year-old Northern Kentucky boy. (Source: Provided)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky grandmother is trying to warn other parents after her teenage grandson received text messages she describes as concerning.

Debbie Mett told FOX 19 NOW on Monday that someone texted her 14-year-old grandson, who lives with her, at 3 a.m. on Sunday.

Mett says her grandson originally thought the 859-area-code number was a friend from school whose contact he didn’t have in his phone, so he engaged in conversation with the person.

They were talking about video games, Mett explains, when the conversation took a worrying turn. She says the person revealed they were a 23-year-old man named Jay.

“And then he asked him, ‘Can you sneak me inside of the house?'” Mett said.

Her grandson reportedly said “No." Then the person added they had alcohol, offered it to her grandson, and continued to try to get him to meet up.

“Then he said, ‘Well, can you just sneak out with me?’ And he (Mett’s grandson) said, ‘Why do you want me out so badly? You’re scaring me.'" Metts explained. "And then he ended the conversation with saying, ‘Stranger danger. I’m blocking you now.’”

Mett then looked the number up on Findwhocallsyou.com and saw it had been searched more than 170 times and had eight complaints about it.

“Basically, they all said the same thing. ‘Three in the morning, my name is Jay’. Same thing,” Mett said.

She later told Erlanger police about the texts. FOX19 NOW spoke with Erlanger officers, who told us they are looking into it.

Mett hopes other parents will monitor their children’s phones to be on the safe side. She says the situation was very scary.

“As far as my grandson knew, that gentleman who said he was 23 could’ve been outside our door," Mett said. “So it was very real to him.”

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