9NEWS ALERT TEAM: Beware of alarming texts targeting children

ACTION JACKSON: Tips for parents about strange text messages sent to their kids' phones

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Parents beware. There are some scary text messages going around to children across the US asking them to meet with a total stranger.

Jill Williamson says her 14-year-old daughter received a new phone and was shocked to see the startling text from a random number.

“The text message that she received on Sunday said, ‘Hey, I think we live in the same area; we ought to meet up.’ I went up to my husband and said, ‘Look at the text message my 14-year-old just got,’” said Williamson.

Unfortunately, Williamson’s daughter is just one of possibly thousands of teenagers getting messages from strangers. The strangers will often pretend to know the child or a relative to help become closer with the teens.

“I mean, it just scared me so much to think if she would not talk to me what could happen,” said Williamson.

You can check unfamiliar numbers at www.findwhocallsyou.com to see if others have filed complaints. You should also report suspicious numbers to local law enforcement and/or the Attorney General’s Office.

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