Family friend says she can’t believe mother arrested for alleged abuse against kids

Family friend says she's in shock after woman arrested for allegedly beating children

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Disturbing new details are now coming to light about how a mom reportedly abused her kids.

Jenifer Rodriguez has been charged with 11 counts of cruelty to juveniles after she allegedly beat her kids with a trashcan and a belt, and reportedly used a Taser on one of them.

In one instance the report indicated Rodriguez tazed the oldest child and then repeatedly threatened to taze the others. All of it was reportedly caught on the family’s home security camera.

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"This was not punishment. I don't know what happened. And those boys weren't ugly,” said a family friend who wished to remain anonymous. “I don't know what they did to deserve this."

Rodriguez’s friend told WAFB she never would have thought she was abusive to her children.

“I wouldn’t have thought twice about having her help me if I needed help. She’s reached out multiple times to help me if I needed help," she said.

Now, she is just asking for prayers.

“I just want the public to just pray for the family and hope that she gets the help that she needs,” she said.

According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s website, Rodriguez is no longer in jail.

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