CAHS introduces Opioid Mobile Outreach Team

Opioid Mobile Outreach Vehicle is Baton Rouge's new tool in fighting the opioid epidemic

Information provided by Capital Area Human Services

As the Capital Area Human Services (CAHS) continues to enhance its outreach to individuals in need of opioid addiction recovery, it will hold an Open House to introduce the Opioid Mobile Outreach Team.

In addition, CAHS will unveil its repurposed ambulance for use in the community.

The public is invited to attend.

The Opioid Mobile Outreach Team is one of the first of its kind in Louisiana and reaches out to emergency rooms, criminal justice populations, pregnant women, veterans, and other diverse populations affected by opioid abuse.

It can mobilize to “hot spots” where opioid use and overdose are known to be high in our community and connect individuals to community providers who can assist them to help meet their needs.

The team distributes information and provides recovery coaching as well as linkages to other services.

It distributes Narcan, an opioid overdose reversal medication, and other lifesaving, disease preventing materials and supplies.

The team will travel in a uniquely repurposed ambulance that has been wrapped in light blue and white to bring hope and healing to people struggling and looking for help and a way into an opioid free life.

On the outside of the vehicle is written what services the team can provide.

The team works to raise awareness about the devastating effects of opioid abuse and encourages and motivates individuals who are opioid dependent to access treatment.

This team’s members offer screenings, triages individuals’ needs, assist with harm reduction, conducts brief interventions, and distributes the overdose reversal medication, Narcan.

The Opioid Mobile Outreach Team was envisioned in the CAHS-produced, Region-wide Opioid Response Plan. “I’m excited to bring this new approach to preventing disease and loss of life from this epidemic, here locally.

This is but one more piece of the Region-wide Opioid Response Plan developed with community partners and currently being implemented by CAHS”, said Jan Kasofsky, PhD, CAHS Executive Director.

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