ACTION JACKSON: Families in Baton Rouge apartment claim they’re living in poor conditions

ACTION JACKSON: Family says apartment complex is falling apart and nothing is being fixed

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Some residents at the Court of Three Sisters apartments on Monet Drive say their apartment complex is falling apart around them.

"I cry at night because I be cold. Ain’t nothing I can do. I can’t use that electric heater at night because it might set something on fire,” said Debra Snow, in tears.

Snow says her AC window unit has not been working properly for more than a month. She also says management refuses to fix cracks in the window and doorway, allowing warm air to escape and cool air to enter her home.

She also claims her power goes out almost every night.

"I can die if I’m not able to get my breathing machine back on. I have to struggle to get to one of those oxygen tanks,” said Snow.

Snow’s neighbor also expressed concerns; he showed pictures of pieces of the ceiling falling into his cooking pots and a window that has been broken for more than a month.

“I done talked to the manager. He say, ‘I ain’t got the time right now,’” said the neighbor.

The owner of the apartments says he was not aware of Snow’s electricity problems or her neighbor’s issues until recently. He says he will work to resolve their concerns immediately.

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