Baton Rouge family unable to check on loved ones in China amidst coronavirus outbreak

Baton Rouge residents from China respond to coronavirus threat

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Families are stuck in the U.S. unable to go home to China for the Chinese New Year and it’s all because of the coronavirus.

Liqun Fang's parents and seven-year-old son are in China right now.

She normally flies over there every Chinese New Year but this year is different.

"It's the first time in a long time that I didn't go to spend New Year with my family,” Fang said. “It's different."

Fang’s family in Zhuji City is being quarantined because of the virus that has killed more than a hundred across China.

“If people from outside come in, it’s forbidden,” Fang said. “No one can get in. If you want to get out to get some basic groceries they have to register and when you come in there are medical people to check you to make sure you are OK to get back in with your family.”

Her family has taken all the precautions to remain well, including not leaving their home for eight days. But that does not mean she is not worried about them

“If you say you aren’t worried that’s wrong and that’s not true. We are definitely concerned about them,” Fang said. “We watch the news every day just to make sure they’re OK.”

Though information has been limited out of China, Fang said she is optimistic better days are ahead for her family.

"The Chinese Government has been taking much better control for the situation so I think we are expecting the peak to be over the next couple days,” she said

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