Baton Rouge residents fed up with getting stuck at railroad crossings

Baton Rouge residents complain of being stuck at railroad crossings for long periods of time

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It’s one of Baton Rouge drivers’ big fears: getting stuck at a railroad crossing.

“Sometimes we can be stuck on the railroad tracks for 15 to 20 minutes maybe, and don’t let it just stop and sit,” said Shawna Robinson, a concerned driver.

“I know the other day the train got stuck on the track for like an hour or two and it caused traffic and everything,” said London Sylvester, another driver.

The railroad companies did not respond to WAFB’s request for information about trains stopping on the tracks. The Federal Railroad Administration says there are no federal guidelines on how long a train can block a railroad crossing.

“You not supposed to have these crossing blocked for more than ten minutes, and an hour is unacceptable," said Sylvester.

DOTD Director Rodney Mallet says railroads are not in the department’s jurisdiction and recommends drivers plan their routes using

However, a spokesperson for Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome’s office says the city is stepping in to help concerned drivers. Two underpasses are estimated to be completed in 2023. The city has projected areas near the Mall of Louisiana and Kenilworth Parkway to construct the underpasses.

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