Melrose Place resident says business’ new equipment has brought unwanted noise

ACTION JACKSON: Neighborhood upset about noise from nearby business

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Residents in the Melrose Place subdivision say their normally quiet neighborhood is getting a bit noisy.

Shelton Buckley has lived in the subdivision for more than 20 years. His home is behind Emprint, a commercial printing business. Buckley says things were fine until the company started using a new hydraulic trash compactor.

“It’s been two to three months up to now. It’s been a nuisance, and something is going on and continues all through the day sometimes. This used to be a real quiet neighborhood. The only noise that you may hear most people cutting their grass or blowing something like that constantly. This is becoming a nuisance with these forklift and the blower that they have back there,” said Buckley.

The owners previously put a small barricade around a section of the compactor to address the noise, but some residents say it’s not enough.

“The barrier isn't working well enough for the peace or comfort of our neighborhood. We can't seem to get any peace with the enjoyment of our property,” said an anonymous resident.

According to the parish attorney’s office, a person can file a complaint with the police department if the complaint is within the city limit, and to the sheriff’s office if they are outside city limits.

The district’s councilwoman, Donna Collins-Lewis, says she has talked with the city-parish and an inspector will test the noise level.

A spokesperson with Emprint says they’re in talks with homeowners associations to discuss more resolutions.

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