Accused grandmother abuser pleads not guilty to upgraded charges

Relatives are outraged that Lottie Morgan has been released to care for the woman she was...
Relatives are outraged that Lottie Morgan has been released to care for the woman she was recently arrested for abusing.(WAFB)
Updated: Jan. 27, 2020 at 11:41 AM CST
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UPDATE: Lottie Morgan pleaded not guilty to aggravated second-degree battery and cruelty to persons with infirmities on Jan. 27.

A judge set Morgan’s bond at $150,000; $75,000 for each count.

Morgan is also required to take an anger management class and forfeit and any firearms.

She has been barred from any contact with the victim.



BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A woman accused of whipping a 93-year-old woman in her care has been taken back into custody following a court hearing on Friday, Jan. 24.

Lottie Morgan walked into the 19th Judicial District Courthouse a free woman Friday morning. However, hours later her attorney, Dele A. Adebamiji was arguing there are two sides to every story after she was handcuffed and taken into custody.

“We want the judge to know that Ms. Morgan is not the kind of devil everyone is putting her to be,” said Adebamiji.

Morgan’s attorney said she needs help because she’s been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. He says that’s to blame for her actions, “She’s on 9 kinds of different medications. She took care of her grandmother until she was 104. She took care of her grandfather until he was 98. This is the kind of person Ms. Morgan is,” he added.

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore’s office requested an added charge of aggravated second-degree battery for the alleged beating.

Moore said the new charge carries up to 18 years in prison if convicted. Moore also says arrangements are also being made for someone new to care for the 93-year-old woman. Morgan’s son captured the incident on video and turned that video over to the police.

The beating, which happened earlier in January, was captured on cell phone video that has been widely circulated online.

Lottie Morgan, 57, was arrested Jan. 12 on a charge of cruelty to persons with infirmities but was released after posting a $1,500 bond set by Judge Kelly Balfour. On Thursday, Jan. 23, Morgan was back in the same home as the 93-year-old woman she’s accused of beating with a belt.

“The complainant displayed a video of the caregiver whipping the victim with a belt and verbally abusing her,” the arrest report said. “Officers located bruises on the 93-year-old female and transported the defendant to 1st District for booking paperwork.”

Judge Balfour said he had not seen the video before initially setting Morgan’s bond.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic footage of the incident.

“You know she is not that kind of person,” said Adebamiji. “If you look at her criminal record. She’s never been convicted of any crime before. I think Ms. Morgan needs help rather than crucifying her.”

Adebamiji wouldn’t admit his client was in this video, but he alluded to the actions, “Like I said it’s inexcusable. Nobody should do something like that, but at the same time we have to look on the other side to see what could have contributed to this kind of issue.”

Morgan will sit in jail until Monday when a judge will review the video and bond. Adebamiji adds that Morgan regrets that it happened, “She said this is not the kind of person that she is.”

Attorneys say the plan is to present the facts and let the judge decide Monday in court.

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