Louisiana congressman added to President Trump’s defense team for impeachment trial

How President Trump's impeachment trial may affect you

(WAFB) - Lawmakers in the Senate are still trying to determine how President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial will be conducted.

So far, each vote on proposed rules for the trial has been split down party lines.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell amended his proposed rules on Jan. 21 to spread debate out over three days in 8-hour blocks, a departure from his original plan to allow each side 24 hours to conduct the trial over two days.

To Democrats’ liking, the change prevents debate from extending into the early morning, meaning more viewers will see continued coverage on TV.

McConnell also agreed to automatically admit evidence that was introduced in the House inquiry. But since, the Republicans have flexed their majority in the Senate.

It’s not likely new testimony or new evidence will be presented in the Senate trial because the proposed rules require a majority vote to call witnesses after the arguments are over. Key White House officials were instructed not to testify during the house inquiry, and Democrats argue they should be required to testify at some point in the process.

To no surprise, the debate has so far been partisan.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) was added to the president’s defense team overnight. He says the Republican rules will mean a faster trial.

Most political experts say the trial isn’t likely to change many minds ahead of this year’s election, and it’s still unlikely the president is removed from office in a Republican senate.

The stock market has not yet changed dramatically based on the impeachment process.

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