Nah, fam: Louisville basketball ‘Gat the W’ against Duke

Nah, fam: Louisville basketball ‘Gat the W’ against Duke
Lousville tweeted out an eerily familiar celebration after upsetting Duke on Saturday, Jan. 18. (Source: Twitter/LouisvilleMBB)

(WAFB) - I’m truthfully at a loss for words.

“Get the Gat” is an LSU thing. If it weren’t for LSU safety Grant Delpit’s tweet in December, which has amassed over 1.4 million views, 15,000 retweets, and almost 50,000 likes, it wouldn’t be a thing at all. There wouldn’t be a #GetTheGat challenge, nobody would’ve written it on their eye black or their signs at GameDay, no one would’ve uttered the phrase “get the nat."

Without Grant Delpit and the LSU football team, there definitely wouldn’t have been a White House version of the celebration.

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“Louisiana can’t have anything.. smdh,” MzShamar tweeted out in response to the latest wave-riding tweet in the collegiate sports world.

The No. 11 Louisville men’s basketball team bested No. 3 Duke on Saturday, Jan. 18. In celebration of their upset over the third-ranked team in the nation, the team tweeted out a video of them mimicking the Tigers’ signature celebration.

Twitter users were pretty upset at the Cards’ blatant copycat maneuver.

“Nice try, but the National Champions did it best and first!!” Tracy Cowley criticized.

“The great state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans would like to keep this song around I-10,” replied a native of New Orleans’ 10th ward.

“Ruined it,” and “embarrassing,” were among some of the other LSU fans’ disdainful responses to the Cardinals tweet.

Let LSU have their thing. They went 15-0, won a record-breaking amount of awards, and will likely go down in college football as the greatest team of all-time.

Maybe, Louisville, if you win the national championship this year, we can revisit your “get the gat” privileges, but for now, I’m revoking them.

Actually, on second thought, come back to us when the president retweets your video:

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