Ascension Parish crews focus on cleaning up trash, asking for your help

Ascension Parish crews working to clean up litter, ask for public's help

ASCENSION PARISH, La. (WAFB) - When public works crews in Ascension Parish are not cutting grass along the roads, they will now be picking up trash.

The move is an initiative by new Parish President Clint Cointment to help beautify the parish.

Crews started picking up litter Tuesday, Jan. 14. They will primarily focus on the areas around state highways, then will move toward other roads in the parish.

“In doing this clean up, it’s obvious we want our citizens to participate and help,” Cointment said. “Making sure the back of their pickup trucks are clean, their kid isn’t throwing anything out the window. As we begin to clean up Ascension, we want to keep it clean and so it’s very important they play a role in this and we encourage them to do so.”

Cointment urges anyone who sees trash on the side of the road to either volunteer and pick it up yourself or, if it’s a large mess, report it to the parish’s Citizens Service Center at 225-450-1200.

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