KIRAN: La. Supreme Court suspends BR attorney arrested on felony charges

Baton Rouge lawyer suspended by La. Supreme Court

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Baton Rouge Attorney Chris Alexander has been suspended until further notice, according to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

It comes after Alexander turned himself in to the Livingston Parish jail in December of 2019 on two felonies: forgery and injuring public records.

Alexander sat down with the 9News Investigators in December before turning himself in and admitted allowing documents to be forged so his client could be released from jail to visit his sick mother.

“She called me desperately crying that her son was in jail,” Alexander said. “I thought she was dying. She called me from the emergency room. I did not know what to do. I wanted to help.”

His client, James Henley, 37, was recently arrested and jailed in Caddo Parish for a 4th offense DWI. During the time he was locked up in Caddo Parish, Livingston Parish had a hold on Henley for missing a court date related to his 3rd offense DWI arrest. With the hold on Henley, even if he bonded out of Caddo, he would go directly to Livingston Parish to serve time for his outstanding bench warrant.


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In Livingston Parish, in order for a bench warrant to be recalled, the client must be present in court and sign for it. Instead, Alexander admits he had someone else go to the Livingston Parish courthouse pretending to be Henley. That person then forged Henley’s signature on the paperwork, according to Alexander.

Alexander then emailed the forged bench warrant recall to Caddo Parish, where authorities there then released Henley from jail.

Alexander self-reported his actions to the Supreme Court along with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. According to the Supreme Court, Alexander “is suspended from the practice of law on an interim basis.” It goes on to say the suspension is “pending further orders of this court.”

“I was overzealous in my desire to help a family that I believed was suffering. I exercised poor judgement and I have accepted full responsibility,” Alexander said on the phone Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Alexander is Kenneth Gleason’s attorney, the accused serial killer from 2017. Gleason, who is white, is accused of shooting and killing two black men in September of 2017: Donald Smart and Bruce Cofield. He’s also accused of shooting into a home on Sandy Ridge Drive. His trial was scheduled to begin April 27, 2020, but that may now be in jeopardy.

“The Gleasons believe in me 100%. I met with them before the suspension went into effect. I advised them of their options. They are in the process of seeking other counsel. They believe in 100% and trust me fully,” said Alexander.

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