Still no word on location for anticipated Bridge Center

Still no location for anticipated Bridge Center mental health facility

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - On Thursday, Jan. 9, a new model of the highly anticipated Bridge Center was introduced to the public.

Bridge Center officials held a public meeting at the Capital Area Human Services building. Leaders discussed how they will provide care to patients, specifically those contemplating suicide or in emotional distress. The goal is to help provide a comfortable environment for those people.

They also discussed their mobile mental health service, which they’ve promised to be made available to anyone experiencing a crisis. They plan to pair those services with other programs like Capital Area Health.

“My concern is always with those folks who have the biggest challenges and people with serious mental illnesses that have no insight that they have a mental illnesses and will not seek help or volunteer for help,” said Janet Hays, a mental health activist.

There’s still no word on a location for the new Bridge Center, but it’s still on track to open in early spring of 2020.

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