’I was running and I was screaming:’ Grandmother put in a chokehold during armed robbery

Updated: Jan. 7, 2020 at 6:37 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A 75-year-old grandmother was put into a chokehold and robbed of her car and belonging in a Gentilly neighborhood Tuesday evening.

The woman said the incident traumatized her and believes the pair of robbers looked to be young children.

"I was running and I was screaming. I got away from him," the woman said.

The grandmother said she was getting in her car to go to her niece's house down the block on Bancroft Drive Monday evening.

"She was coming down here to get eggnog, okay? That's our little tradition. King cake and eggnog, Kings Day, right?" Her niece said.

Before she got in her car, she says two young men approached her, asking for the time.

"I would say maybe 15, 14. The little one is probably younger than that. Maybe 12 or 13. They were very young children," she said.

She said the two men followed her down the street towards her relative's house.

"I called a relative and said have someone come out, I'm parking. Have someone come out because the two young men out here, and I think they're up to something. I don't have a good feeling about this because at this point, they had almost gotten in front of the house," she said.

She said when she was about to get out of her car, one of the men walked up to her and asked for the time, again.

‘So I said, ‘No!’ And he said you have a phone, you should know what time it is. So I just yelled out at 6:30. And then I started to walk past him, and that’s when he grabbed me around my neck and held something against my head, which I thought was a gun,’ she said.

The victim said she was terrified for her life.

"At that time, I just said to him take the car, take my purse, take the keys, just don't do anything to me. Just let me go. And I just threw everything on the ground and I started running," she said.

"I just kept screaming, leave her alone, let her go, and she just started running to me, and I mean literally running for her life," the victim's niece said.

They said the two men sped off in her dark blue Altima towards Mirabeau.

They said someone found the paperwork from their stolen car in the parking lot of a Lower Ninth Ward restaurant. An employee said police picked it up Wednesday morning.

"I'm a grandmother. I could've been his grandmother, you know? That's what upsets me. And you're going to put an older lady in a chokehold and try to take her belongings? I mean what is that all about?" She asked.

“She’s an older lady. What do you want with her? I thought women and children and elderly were off-limits, but obviously, it’s not,” her niece said.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the victim said police found her car in the Ninth Ward.

She said the two men wore black and gold hoodies, with dark skinny jeans.

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