’Very loving, caring:’ Friends remember Carley McCord for her vibrant personality

30-year-old Carley McCord
30-year-old Carley McCord(Maggie DeWitt)
Updated: Dec. 30, 2019 at 7:09 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Friends of Carley McCord remember her for her genuine personality and strong work ethic.

"Only rainbows after rain...the sun will always come again," Andy Grammer sang in a video in honor of McCord.

His lyrics were the last she posted on social media, and as friends say, showed her positive outlook.

"If I had one word to describe Carley, it would be vibrant. She was just full of life, full of energy. When you met her, it's just like she lit up a room," Stephen Lukinovich said.

"You knew when she entered a room. Very loving, caring," Gregory Gaines said.

Her colleagues say they heard the news while getting ready for the pelicans game that day.

"We were kind of like consoling each other, but pulling each other together because it's almost game time. So it's like we can't go out here emotionally, but it was so hard to go through it, what had happened that day, with it being game day, and with her being such a big part of game day," Gaines said.

Many knew McCord as a hard worker, who was always buzzing from one gig to the other.

"We would always talk about how she literally just didn't sleep, but she loved it, and she was probably one of the most driven people that I've ever met. It was awesome and it just always reminded me like, ok, well if Carley can do all of the things that she's gonna do, then I can handle what's on my plate," Maggie DeWitt said.

Although she already had multiple freelance jobs as a sportscaster, she planned on taking another passion project---hosting a podcast with her friend.

'I think it would've been a good mesh, and we were actually planning to meet up that Thursday and something came up, and I was like, 'Oh, I'm going out of town for New Years, let's just meet up when I get back," Lukinovich said.

Despite her busy schedule, friends said McCord always made time to be there for them.

"This year for me has been one of the hardest years ever, because I lost my dad in January, and now her, and she would sit on the phone and cry with me with everything with my dad. She was one of the ones that was always there," Margaret Rich said.

“I lost my dad at the end of 2017, and it kind of brought our relationship closer. Checked on me a lot and I was just like, ‘Carley I love you, because just meeting somebody you really wouldn’t expect someone to really heart up,’” Gaines said.

Those who worked with her say her big presence will be felt and dearly missed.

“We did everything together, and so it felt strange these last two games, working without her and going to eat by myself,” Betsy Borrego said, “and just having that whole pregame moment alone was very very rough.”

The Northwestern State University Alumni Organization, where McCord attended, set up a memorial scholarship fund in her honor for women pursuing a career in sports journalism at the university.

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