Nearly 200 animals adopted just in time for the holidays including Mr. B.

Mr. B the dog adopted

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -The Louisiana SPCA says nearly 200 animals will have a home for the holidays after being adopted this month. That includes one elderly dog with a special story.

Often times senior dogs, like Mr. B., are overlooked in favor of puppies. The LSPCA says he was recently surrendered when his medical issues became too expensive for his former owner. The LSPCA brought him on our morning show last week hoping someone with a big heart would come to his rescue. Well, we’re happy to report he found his forever home.

“B.J. was called an underdog. I renamed him Mr. B. I just asked if I could hold him and this is what he did and once you hold him you can’t just leave him there, so, I decided he could come home with me,” said Mr. B’s new owner Traci Musso.

Mr. B. captured the heart of Musso despite his age, a limp, and problems with his eyes.

“He has dry eyes in both eyes but this one here has a touch of glaucoma so it’s most likely going to be removed. He can’t see out of it so there is no sense for him to have pain in it,” said Musso.

The LSPCA encourages others to also be open-minded to adult or senior dogs when adding a pet to their home. There are certainly advantages like being housebroken and calmer than younger dogs. They also tend to be couch potatoes like Mr. B; offering up unconditional love and plenty of hugs.

“He’s happy to be around people and other dogs and not be alone. He’s not going anywhere. I’ve been in rescue for 15 years, so, once he’s here, no matter what, he’s not going anywhere,” said Musso.

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