WATCH: Police catch department therapy dog ‘stealing’ donated Christmas toys

Suspect is a golden retriever named Ben Franklin

FRANKLIN, Mass. (Gray News) – The Franklin Police Department has been collecting toys for children ahead of the holidays for the Santa Foundation.

When a couple of toys went missing, officers quickly identified a suspect and caught him in the act on camera.

The suspect was one of their own.

His name is Ben Franklin, a golden retriever and therapy dog for the department.

Police catch dog grabbing, 'hoarding' toys they collected for kids

Officers recorded as Ben tried to evade them while holding a “stolen” baby doll in a carrier in his slobbery mouth.

In hot pursuit, his human colleagues found evidence of past crimes.

Ben offered no defense, but authorities say it’s unlikely he’ll face charges.

The Santa Foundation provides gifts for families in need during the holiday season.

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