Avoid the holiday bulge by picking up new healthy habits

Avoid the holiday bulge by picking up new healthy habits
The Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge has a new outdoor fitness area. (Source: Crowne Plaza)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Great food, relaxing with family, putting a hold to the daily grind – these are all the joys of the holiday season. But it’s also a recipe for weight gain and starting unhealthy habits. To avoid the holiday bulge, here are a few recaps of some of local health and exercise trends we’ve discussed this year.


There’s a lot of buzz about intermittent fasting. In fact, several WAFB employees are proponents of the method. Earlier this year, Liz Koh tested the challenge after getting some advice and recommendations from Matt Williams. Additionally, we to talked to Dr. Kristin Lynch Grimes to get all the facts. CLICK HERE to learn more

Eating healthy is the goal, but knowing what to eat is a different story, especially when you’re looking at all the yummy options in a grocery store. The Baton Rouge General is offering up some help. A dietitian will take you on a food tour at Rouses on Bluebonnet Boulevard and at Juban Crossing. It’s free and open to the public. Carmen Poe took the tour and she came back with some great tips about what to get and what to avoid. CLICK HERE to learn more

Dietitians need data to help you make the right decisions. Earlier this year the Pennington Biomedical Center issues a new study showing that the chemical found in oranges and other citrus fruits could help control blood glucose levels and increase the amount of calories people burn. Thankfully, this is the BEST time of year for oranges. CLICK HERE to learn more


High-intensity interval workouts, or HIIT, are all the rage. In fact, Lauren Westbrook is at Orangetheory fitness up to three times a week. Orangetheory utilizes high-tech methods with high-intensity workouts to melt away the pounds and create muscle definition. The one-hour, full-body workout has one end goal: to reach 12 accumulated minutes in the orange and red zones. CLICK HERE to learn more

Obstacle course racing is a fun and exciting way of getting out of the gym and off the traditional running path. Videographer Rick Portier is a big fan of this type of racing and he talked to the founder of a local obstacle course race about how to get involved with this sport. He found out how a beginner can get involved and also learned that it’s not only a great activity for adults, but kids love it, too. CLICK HERE to learn more

It’s the exercise trend that never goes out of style – Jazzercise! Combining cardio and strength, these classes are good for all ages and fitness levels. Allison Childers gave it a try and found out that you can burn up to 800 calories in one class. CLICK HERE to learn more

But there are so many other ways to log some activity point. Click on the activity below to read about different things available around town.

Before you join a gym, make sure you do a little research. Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Progress is best made when you have a group of people taking the same steps on the same journey. That’s exactly why we created the Get Fit Red Stick Facebook group. There you can find others in the community working toward similar health goals.

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