Herman Boone, immortalized in ‘Remember the Titans,’ dies at 84

Herman Boone, immortalized in ‘Remember the Titans,’ dies at 84
This photo shows T.C. Williams High School football coach Herman Boone, right, during a break at summer camp, in 1971, with guard Johnny Colantuoni, (62) and John Vaughn, center. The famous 1971 team was memorialized by Denzel Washington and Disney in "Remember the Titans." (Source: AP Photo)

(Gray News) – Herman Boone, the legendary high school football coach portrayed in the film “Remember the Titans,” has died at the age of 84.

The football boosters of T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, announced his death Wednesday afternoon.

Boone was famously portrayed by Denzel Washington in the 2000 film “Remember the Titans,” which followed T.C. Williams’ 1971 integration and football season.

Until that point, Williams had been an all-black school.

The Supreme Court outlawed segregation in schools with the “Brown v. Board of Education” ruling in 1954. Even so, Virginia delayed integration with a campaign called “The Massive Resistance.”

The school district merged three schools in 1971: Francis C. Hammond High School, George Washington High and Williams.

Hammond and Washington were converted to middle schools. Williams was turned into a two-year school that taught juniors and seniors, which created a squad full of experienced upperclassmen.

Boone took over as the head football coach at Williams in 1971 and led the Titans to a state championship that season.

He was the coach at Williams until 1979, when he was fired over allegations of player abuse and complaints by assistants, Sports Illustrated reports.

Bill Yoast, Boone’s defensive coach during the 1971 season, died earlier this year at the age of 94. He was portrayed by actor Will Patton in the 2000 film.

Yoast had been the head coach at the all-white Francis C. Hammond High School. He led Hammond to the state championship in 1970 but became the defensive coach when he joined Williams’ staff under Boone.

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