Hype surrounding Joe Burrow, Tigers reaches all-time high

Updated: Dec. 13, 2019 at 10:32 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It has been 60 years since LSU had a player win the Heisman Trophy. It was the legendary Tiger running back, Billy Cannon, of course. So the buzz among LSU fans has been at a whole new level for the past weeks in anticipation of Saturday night’s award presentation.


LSU quarterback, Joe Burrow, has already won pretty much every major award for an offensive player in 2019 in college football, but in Baton Rouge, everything from murals to billboards and burritos are being named after him. A girl even dressed in gold as the Heisman Trophy and took pictures all over campus.

It has been a heck of a ride this season for Tiger fans supporting Burrow.

The Heisman Trophy is the most prestigious award in all of college football, with four contenders this season trying to get their hands on it. However, Burrow is the clear favorite to bring it back to the Capital City, like Cannon did back in 1959.

“I hope I can carry on the tradition of him [Cannon] and being the second Heisman Trophy winner. I think it’d mean a lot to Louisiana and LSU,” said Burrow.

The family of the late great Billy Cannon even gave Burrow a letter, which he read on the plane on the way to New York City Friday, Dec. 13.

“They [Cannon’s family] said he just would’ve been so proud, and we would’ve been best friends because they think he’s just like me and they see a lot of me in Billy, and I would’ve loved to have met him,” said Burrow.

Speaking of New York City, the Heisman mania for Burrow has even reached a billboard in Times Square.

But let’s go on a trip down memory lane...

On Senior Night against Texas A&M, Burrow came out of the locker room with the Louisiana way of spelling his last name. Since then, the replica jerseys bearing the name “Burreaux” have been one of the hottest items on every Tiger fan’s Christmas list.

Or what about when Sports Illustrated came out with his picture on the cover? Fans have gone everywhere to try to get a copy.

“Everybody’s out wanting Sports Illustrated with Joe. We’re out and about and they’re out,” said two Tiger fans a few weeks ago.

A mural of Burrow was also painted alongside a building in Baton Rouge. Heisman billboards have gone up around the city; even a burrito was named after Burrow at Zippy’s.

And who can forget the girl who dressed up in gold and went around LSU’s campus saying, “Heard there was a Heisman Trophy, looking for Joe Burrow.”

The folks over at Athens City School District in Ohio, where Burrow attended school, were donned in purple and gold Friday to show support for the star quarterback.

“Right when we saw that it [Heisman Trophy presentation] was going to be on December 14, the Heisman, we were like, well that’s definitely going to be the day. That’ll work out perfectly for us, so everybody was immediately like, let’s do this,” said Courtney Spunk, a Tiger fan.

Three LSU fans are having their annual holiday party Saturday, and this year, the get together will be center around the Heisman Trophy presentation.

“Whenever he [Burrow] takes that hit for the extra yard or two and gets back up and keeps going, and as Louisianians, that’s what we do. If we take a hit, we get right back up and keep moving, so that’s why I think the state is so behind him right now,” said Richie Brazan, a Tiger fan.

The Heisman Trophy presentation kicks off at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14 on ESPN. WAFB will have full coverage throughout the day, both online and on-air, and of course, on Jacques Doucet’s Twitter account.

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