Seniors given free holiday lunch from Humana

Humana hosts 'No Senior Eats Alone' dinner

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Humana provided a free holiday lunch to seniors at their “No Senior Eats Alone” event in Baton Rouge on Dec. 13.

Seniors were served a buffet-style brunch at Humana’s Baton Rouge office in Bluebonnet Square.

The purpose of the event was seniors to get information on how to eat healthier.

“So this is a way for us to celebrate our seniors, and the broad community, about learning about healthy foods, healthy living and living their best life,” Scott Westbrook, with Humana, said.

Humana says 16 percent of people in Baton Rouge live in areas with limited access to healthy foods and grocery stores.

According to a study published by Feeding America in 2019, Louisiana has the highest food insecurity rate in the country among those 60 and older. Sixteen percent of people living in Baton Rouge live in areas with limited access to healthy food and grocery stores, Humana says.

Also, one in seven people struggle with hunger in areas served by the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. Humana says research shows sharing a meal with others can improve mental health, cognitive ability, social connections, and even increase life expectancy.

Humana’s neighborhood center in Baton Rouge offers health and wellness classes, including healthy cooking classes, social activities, and informational sessions. Members can enjoy these programs at no cost.

Humana says it wants to improve Baton Rouge’s overall healthy 20 percent starting next year.

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