Organization uses mobile pantry to give food to those who need it the most

Mobile pantry brings food to those who need it the most

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - There is a new effort to make sure every child has access to the healthy food they need it, even before birth.

Zeta Phi Beta launched a special mobile food pantry project on Dec. 11.

It was made possible through a partnership with March of Dimes called Stork’s Nest.

It's especially for expecting moms and families with infants and before they left.

Everyone got a lesson in healthy eating and a reason to keep it up.

"It's an incentive program. So, as they engage in healthy behaviors they can cash in their coupons and shop from our stork's nest,” said Mary Burton, coordinator of the Stork’s Nest Project.

The families attending today all live in areas that are considered a food desert.

Where it may be harder to access healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

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