Louisiana legislature expected to look different by the time the next session starts in March

Shakeup expected by the time legislature reconvenes in March of 2020

(WAFB) - The Louisiana state legislature will look much different when lawmakers gavel back in in just a few months, but we now have new details on some of their top priorities.

The Senate is already expected to name Lafayette’s Page Cortez as its president. He served as the Transportation Committee chair during his last term. The House has not picked a speaker yet, but Albany’s Sherman Mack is considered a leading candidate. He told fellow Republicans Tuesday, Dec. 10 that he expects roads and bridges to be a top priority, as well as lowering car insurance rates.

“We have some of the worst roads in the country. That causes accidents. We have the highest DWI rate in the country. That causes accidents. We have the highest distracted driver rate in the country and I’ve been guilty of that. I’ve looked at my phone when I shouldn’t have. We have to do something about that," Mack said.

Political experts say the House and Senate leadership will likely dictate the tone of the next four years under Governor John Bel Edwards. Session begins in early March of 2020.

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