Latest ticket, hotel prices ahead of Peach Bowl in Atlanta

Tiger super fan, others looking to see LSU in Peach Bowl in Atlanta

(WAFB) - Billboards pushing for Joe Burrow to win the Heisman have gone up around Baton Rouge ahead of Saturday’s announcement.

The “Burrow mania” can even be seen in New York City, where the Heisman will be awarded. Billboards have gone up there in Times Square. But LSU fans looking to see Burrow and the Tigers fight for a national title may want to start planning now.

It has been hard to miss Deangelo Sanchez dancing through the LSU season. He has even drawn ESPN’s attention.

“We gonna’ rock it today and we gonna’ rock it December 28, and we gonna’ rock it in New Orleans for the National Championship game. Let’s go!” Sanchez said.

Tiger faithful have crowned him a “super fan,” though he’ll tell you he blends into the raucous crowd.

“I feel like, if you wear the purple and gold, you’re all super fans. You look at me and I’m just a representation of all LSU fans that can’t be here,” he said.

Latest ticket, hotel prices ahead of Peach Bowl in Atlanta

But come Dec. 28, he’ll have to make extra noise for the Tigers because there will be plenty who can’t make it to Atlanta. LSU fans have already claimed the 13,500 tickets the Peach Bowl designated for the school. That means fans can only find seats now on the resale market or from third parties, and the cheapest ticket isn’t a seat at all: standing-room-only in the end zone for $130.

As of Monday, Dec. 9, nosebleed seats are going for $150 to $200, but those prices will probably fall as Game Day nears.

Hotels are another story though. A Friday through Sunday stay at most downtown spots will cost you nearly double what they would the week prior. The best deals are in Atlanta’s suburbs, but prices there are still much higher than on a normal weekend and will only climb as rooms fill up.

But Tiger fans will spend the money because this season has been priceless, and if you can’t make it, Sanchez doesn’t mind pulling some extra weight.

“You only get one life to live and you gotta’ go hard and be passionate, you know what I’m saying? If you’re not going to be 100 percent, why do it?” he said.

The Peach Bowl suggests buying tickets through to ensure access to the stadium. Seat prices are expected to fall in the next week.

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