KIRAN: Baton Rouge attorney turns himself in on criminal charges

THE INVESTIGATORS: BR lawyer facing charges for reportedly falsifying paperwork

LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) - Baton Rouge attorney Chris Alexander is facing criminal charges.

Alexander turned himself into authorities in Livingston Parish this afternoon on charges of forgery and injuring public records, both felonies.

He admits allowing documents to be forged so that his client could be released from jail to visit his sick mother.

“She called me desperately crying that her son was in jail,” Alexander said. “I thought she was dying. She called me from the emergency room. I did not know what to do. I wanted to help.”

Alexander’s client, James Henley, 37, was recently arrested and jailed in Caddo Parish for 4th offense DWI.

At that time, authorities in Livingston Parish had an outstanding bench warrant on Henley for missing a court date related to a 3rd offense DWI arrest.

With that active bench warrant in another parish, a hold was placed on Henley. Even if Henley made bond in Caddo Parish, he would have to go directly to Livingston Parish for his bench warrant.

In Livingston Parish, in order for a bench warrant to be recalled, the client him/herself must be present and sign for it.

Instead, Alexander admits he had someone go to the Livingston Parish courthouse pretending to be Henley.

That person then forged Henley’s signature on paperwork, according to Alexander.

Alexander then emailed the forged bench warrant recall to Caddo Parish where authorities there then released Henley from jail.

“I regret it,” Alexander told WAFB’s Kiran Chawla Friday before turning himself into authorities.

“It’s a mistake and very poor judgement. Would I do it again? Of course not. But, I got nothing out of it except what I’m going through right now. My intentions were sincere, my judgment was poor and I accept full responsibility for that,” Alexander said.

Alexander also posted to his Facebook page:

“I want my friends to know that i exercised poor Judgment regarding a criminal Case in Livingston parish which has resulted in criminal charges being filed against me. My client’s elderly mom was, and remains very ill. I facilitated the recall of a misdemeanor warrant in Livingston parish so that my client could get out of jail and go see his mom. Although my intentions were sincere and I received nothing of value, I regret my decision, have been honest about it, and will grow and learn from it. I ask for your prayers going forward.”

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