Baton Rouge Bishop Michael Duca meets with Pope Francis in Rome

Bishop Michael Duca meets with Pope Francis in Rome

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Bishop of Baton Rouge Michael Duca, along with other bishops from Louisiana, met with the Holy Father in Rome Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Bishop Duca says during the visit, he and the other bishops of Region V had the chance to visit with Pope Francis.

“The encounter was a joy,” Duca said.

Duca says the pope led an “open and relaxed” conversation with all the bishops, allowing them to ask whatever they wanted.

“The Holy Father answered all the questions directly with an honest but always pastoral answer,” Duca said.

Duca says all the bishops expressed their sincere and heartfelt words of support for Pope Francis.

“I assured him that we were all praying for him as the Vicar of Christ,” said Duca.

“The visit filled me with HOPE because I believe that Jorge Bergoglio, Francis our Pope, was truly chosen by the Holy Spirit to speak the Gospel to us in a new way in order to witness the redemptive mercy and love of Jesus Christ.”
Bishop Michael Duca

The ad limina visit is more formally called ad limina Apostolorum, the Diocese of Baton Rouge says. In Latin, the phrase means “to the threshold of the Apostles.” It’s a periodic meeting of all the bishops in the world with the Holy Father in Rome. Before the meeting, each bishop must prepare and submit a detailed report on his diocese. At the meeting, the bishops discuss important issues with key departments in The Vatican that help the pope in governing the church. The bishops also concelebrate masses at the arch-basilicas in Rome, including at St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, where they venerate the tombs of the two Holy Apostles.

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